Vikaparken - Hardangerfjord, Hatlestrand, Hordaland, Norway, 1,5 h. from Bergen, (2,0 h. from Haugesund).
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In Vikaparken You will find:
    • 4 Cabins, each 67 m2, 6 + 2 Beds, Whirlpool
    • 1 Cabin, 140 m2, 10 Beds, with Jacuzzi
    • 1 Apartment, Loft, 8 Beds, Jacuzzi near by
    • Common Building, «Vikaløå», Fire Place, Snooker, Table-Tennis, Kitchen
    • Boat rental for our Guests, (14, 16-19) Feet, and 31 Feet, (with Guide)
    • 30.000 m2 Area by Hardangerfjord, own Boat Harbour
    • Parking for Camper Cars, (with Electricity). Upon agreement only.
    • Possibilities for different Activities in Vikaparken and near by Areas

Cabins– 67 m2
We offer 4 new cabins / holiday apartments with high standard. The cabins are built in 2005, and terraced.
Each cottage is 67 m2, and includes a living room and kitchen with floor heating, 3 bedrooms and one bathroom in 1. floor.
The cabins have 6 beds in the 3 bedrooms, and 2 extra beds in the living room. (A total of 32 berths in 4 cabins.)
It is both covered, sheltered, and open terrace facing the fjord.
Now also with wireless internet access.
There are 265 liters freezer. The cabins have satellite television - tv with Norwegian, German and English channels.
The cabins are well equipped with dishwasher, microwave, barbecue, outdoor furniture, electric cooker,
tiled floor with floor heating in the ground floor, whirlpool for 2 people, and a washer / dryer.

We have strict hygienic / disinfection procedures for the whirlpool.
The cabins are placed only 15 m from the Hardangerfjord.
In main season the usual day of arrival is saturday.

Large cabin – 140 m2
We also have a large cabin - 140 m2, 10 persons, 4 bedrooms, 2 kitchen / living room, 2 bathrooms. Wireless internet.
Sofa bed in the living room, crib, infrared sauna, and jacuzzi for 5 persons.
Ground floor: kitchen / living room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, woodburning stove, heat pump, partially adapted wheelchair.
1. floor: kitchen / living room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, sofa bed in the living room.
In main season the usual day of arrival is friday.

Appartment, Loft.
This Apartment is in the first Floor of the Common Building.
With 2 double Sleepingrooms, and 2 beds and a double Sleeping-Sofa in the Living Room.
A total of 8 Beds. There are one Bath Room with Toilet and Shower, a Washing Machine/ Dryer.
(There is a Jacuzzi on the Ground near by.) Due to pitched Roof the Ceiling height some places is somewhat low.
Tv with norwegian Channels, and also german and english Channels. (Free Astra)
Wireless Internet. Fully equipped Cabins.
Beautiful view over Hardangerfjord, Mountains and the Folgefonna Glacier.

Price 2021, Cabin – 67 m2, 3 Bedrooms, 6 (+2) pers:
(Direct booking - 20% off catalogue – price – in A,B,C,D,P-Season)
From 525 E / week
(Day of arrival is saturday in A, B, C season)
(14 foot boat included, Electricity exl; because Whirlpool

Price 2021, Large Cabin – 140 m2, 4 Bedrooms, 10 pers:
(Direct booking - 20% off of catalogue – price – in A,B,C,D,P-Season)
From 840 E / week . Final cleaning is mandatory, (obl), price is 122 Euro.
(Day of arrival is friday in A, B, C season)
(14 foot boat included, Electricity exl; due to Jacuzzi)
P – 04.04 – 18.04
D – 01.01 – 04.04, 18.04 -23.05, 29.08 - 31.12
C – 23.05 – 27.06, 01.08 - 29.08
B – 27.06 – 04.07, 
A – 04.07 – 01.08
Ole Henrik Jacobsen
Hatlestrandsvegen 393
Handy: +47 93 42 31 95

From Nok 2.300 - 3.800/Week

  1. Askeladden 3400, 16 F, Tohatsu 30 Hp 4-stroke El. Start
  2. Askeladden 3400, 16 F, Tohatsu 30 Hp 4-stroke El.Start
  3. Askeladden 3400, 16 F, Tohatsu 30 Hp 4-stroke El.Start
  4. Ryds 19 HT, 19 F, Tohatsu 30 Hp 4-stroke El.Start
  5. Askeladden 3400, 16 F, Tohatsu 15 Hp 4-stroke El.Start
  6. Askeladden 4400, 16 F, Tohatsu 15 Hp 4-stroke El.Start
  7. Askeladden 3400, 16 F, Suzuki 20 Hp 4-stroke El.Start
  8. Askeladden 3400, 16 F, Suzuki 20 Hp 4-stroke El.Start
  9. Askeladden 3400, 16 F, Tohatsu 25 Hp 4-stroke El.Start
  10. Viksund 540, 18F, Suzuki 40 Hp 4-stroke El.Start
Bayliner 2958, 31 F, Yanmar 315 Hp, (Special agreement)

About the farm:
Vikaparken is situated on a former small farm.
Femsteinevik farm is first mentioned in documents from 1585.
The farm then was located under the neighboring farm Grønevik.
Grønevik farm dates back to medieval times. (Year 1030 to 1536)
In 1651 the farm got into Axel Mowatt`s property.
The farm is belonging to The Rosendal Baroni for hundreds of years.
The farm, no.159 / 2, was bought back from The Rosendal Baroni in 1931.
The farm is about 700 acres, of this area is about 30 acres at the fjord for recreational activities, and 383 acres have become a part of
Geitaknottane Nature Reserve.

About the surrounding area:
Calcium Rich rocks are characteristic of the very rich natural habitat.
The area has a varied geology and with some older mines, also for the extraction of gold.  
It is well-marked hiking trails,
more protected habitats, rock carvings, etc.

Within a short distance we have a very varied scenery, from glaciers to lush mountains steep and naked rocks and reefs.
The area is largely untouched in the historical track, where you can read our story from the Ice Age to the present.
We are experiencing a growing awareness of these values in the area, and the establishment of Folgefonna Nasjonalpark -
glacier national park and several nature reserves are evidence of this.


Older restored building with a distinctive atmosphere.

Used for meetings, birthdays, friend gatherings. Contains basic kitchen, fireplace both inside, and outdoors under roof.
There also are billiards, table tennis, etc.
Vikaløå is connected to sauna, shower, toilet, outside jacuzzi, roof terrace with lovely views.
The building is now also insulated for use in the colder season.

Geitaknottane Nature Reserve
In December 1997 was 383 acres of our farm, (No. 159 / 2), made into a nature reserve.
Geitaknottane Nature Reserve is Norway's richest known site for Red List species Large Salamander. (Triturus Cristautus.)
Probably it is one of the world's richest area of the species.

Large salamander - a crocodile from the beginning of time.

Geitaknottane Nature Reserve is unique in its kind.
It is a road in the forest the whole way to the reserve boundary.
The reserve is located 100 - 300 meters above sea level.
The area has more than 200 small ponds.
No later than the 60 - 70 years ago, the area was used for collecting timber etc

Large salamander is an amphibian that lives both in water and on land, but one do not know much about the overwintering sites.
Large Salamander is very vulnerable regarding the occurrence of fish and water quality.
This area has good water quality with calk in the bedrock and good buffer properties. There are many small ponds that are naturally
occurring free from fish.
400 million years have passed amphibians on the planet, but now many of these are threatened species.
Amphibians are generally highly vulnerable to changes in environmental parameters, but here is still a good environment for the Large Salamander.
We encourage our guests to show respect and care for the environment.